~ Poem for Loss ~
My darling as I hold you near,
my heart is aching so.
I know that you must go away.
It is something we both know.
Acceptance is the hardest part
of knowing I’ll remain.
For I know that when you’re free at last,
I will cry with heartfelt pain.
Each memory has been traced with love
deep within my heart.
I never dreamed the day would come
When we would be apart.
For as I hold you in my arms
and whisper our last goodbye,
I’ll cherish every memory
until the day I die.
For when my soul is released and free,
I’ll come to you, my friend.
And the love we share will once again
be eternal; with no end.
by Josie O’Brien

06-01-1998 - 06-20-2011