My beautiful baby girl, you've only been gone 2 whole days now. The pain is so unbearable here without you. I see and hear you everywhere. I catch myself in a flicker, starting to talk to you or call your sweet name. The glimses of you from the corner of my eye are so heartbreaking, I look but you're not there. You brought me so much joy for 15 short years, baby. I can see you now @ 6wks old clearly in my mind like it was yesterday, a little precious bundle in my hands, that creamy white fur,like silk to the touch,those little red ears which gave you your spunk, pretty blue eyes and that beautiful, little pink belly... I wanted you with me for always and always. Time just went too fast. I wanted you to know, Mama misses you so much sweet baby. You will always and always be in my heart, never to be forgotten... ever.

10/02/1996 - 11/05/2011