Big Kitty (BK)

We will love you forever Big Kitty

Tonight we lost one of our beloved cats, Big Kitty. Back in 2003 he showed up at our doorstep to chow down on the food I would leave out for the neighborhood cats. In 2004 we decided to adopt Big Kitty (BK) and bring him with us to our new home where he had plenty of places to sleep, eat and relax. Manuel and BK would play fight and most of the time Big Kitty would win especially at almost 16 lbs! He loved laying in the living room on his back with his paws up in the air so everyone can scratch his tummy. He would walk around the house and just talk all the time, such a personality and so much fun to be around. Several months ago he was diagnosed with CRF, we did everything we could to extend his life because we did not want to let him go but tonight his fight was over. Though we were prepared, nothing can ever make the sadness any less hard. In the end really all we would love is to have our happy Big Kitty back with his personality and charm.

December 2000 - November 8, 2011