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Pet MemorialNike was a Chihuahua who came into our lives and our hearts 12 ½ years ago. He joined our family when our kids were 8, 11, and 12 and was the best companion pet we could have hoped for. He could rough house and play with my son and I, and still curl up in your lap and go to sleep. Our youngest daughter has a disability and regardless of how rough she would occasionally be with him, he seemed to understand his need to always be gentle with her. When he developed congestive heart failure before he was 10, we brought home a miniature pinscher to help us get through when the inevitable happened. Nike was obviously annoyed at Mollie’s playfulness at times, but showed her the ropes of how to be a good member of our family. When he passed, it was obvious that Mollie grieved along with us. She now shows some of the behaviors that Nike always showed, telling us he taught her well. He will be deeply missed by us all. ~Jim & Robin Farris and Family