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My best friend Rusty passed away in my arms a week ago yesterday (September 24, 2008) after being with me for 13 1/2 years. He was the best dog in the whole world - my one true blue friend. In July 1995, I found Rusty at our local post office but because I had 3 other dogs and was still living at home, my dad wasn't too keen about having another so I took him to the local animal shelter & devoted my time by putting up fliers to find his owners. I even went and visited him at the shelter. When no one came forth to get him, I went back up to the shelter, and despite my father's wishes, I adopted Rusty. Rusty has been my faithful and loyal friend for as long as I can remember. He never got into any trouble and whatever I wanted to do was good enough to him as long as he could be by my side. He has been through all kinds of changes in my personal life between college, marriage, divorce, and moving to 5 different places. Never once did he complain. His whole world was me. He slept with me every night. I took him to granny and grandpas every day for doggie day care before I went to work and he even got a little mad on the days I was off from work if we didn't make our scheduled trip over there so he could get his treats. He loved granny and grandpa. He was a food connosieur and his favorite thing to eat was ice cream. There will never be another Rusty. He got along with everyone, all dogs, and all my cats. The days pass and I do everything I can to remember him. In his last few months, he could barely hear or see, but he never complained as long as he was with his Lor. He meant the whole world to me and I'm glad I was there with him when he left this world to go to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for me. I hope he is with all my past loving pets having a good time, no longer sick, but running and playing and being young again.

See you again someday my best buddy......

~Love, Mommie