"The German Shepherd is more like a person than a dog, but more like a person we always hoped to be. She is smart, hardworking and completely loyal..." German Shepherds are like no other dogs, because of their distinctive personalities and many outstanding qualities. Their presence in any family is dynamic and stirs the deepest emotions. The German Shepherd experience is the dog event of a lifetime."

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My beloved dog’s name was Sadie “Hawkins” Phillips she was nearly 12 years old but acted like a puppy till the day she died. Sadie was rescued from the animal shelter when she was only 3 months old, my wife and her sister saved her from being destroyed. In fact, she was our wedding gift from my wife’s sister.

Sadie was a loving member of our family which includes my wife and I and our two boys; Matthew 10 and Kyle 6. Sadie was one of the most loyal dogs I had ever owned; she was a great watch dog and always was there to protect our family. She was also very playful and even at her age still liked to play catch with the tennis ball. We had a nickname for Sadie and that was Houdini; because of her unique ability to break out or into anything. She was such a smart dog, she learned how to open the door with her mouth, so we would have to lock our garage door to the house so she wouldn’t “break in”. She also learned how to open the screen door with her paw, you would not believe how many screen doors I had to re-screen.

For most of her life she was an in-house dog, she hated the water and when it would rain, she wouldn’t even go outside to go to the bathroom. You should have seen me try to give her a bath, but she always knew when she had to and would agree to climb into the bathtub with me. Sadie definitely made her presence known in our house and stirred many deep emotions within all of us, but I think I will miss her the most, because I always referred to her as my “baby girl.”

God blessed our family with Sadie; she has given my family memories for a lifetime and for that I am eternally grateful to HIM and I hope Sadie is playing fetch up there with him right now. Sadie you will live on in our hearts forever and will always be a member of our family!

With Love,Dad, Mom, Matthew & Kyle