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Apollo was a very special white boxer boy. He had what I call "the face." People would see him & be like "Oh he is so beautiful and he has such a cute face." My response was I know it is the face you just can't resist it. Unfortunately he left us way to soon. He was only 4. He was diagnosed with stage 1 lymphoma in late December. We immediately started treating it however it was the aggressive type and we made the decision to let him go February 17. It was the only thing to do as the tumors were pushing on his throat and he could not breath. We didn't want him to suffer and our only other option was to give him a trach tube while we waited to see if the strongest chemo out there would work. That would be suffering so we said lets let him go. It was the hardest thing in the world especially because he was such a love bug and so young.

I miss him soooooooooo much. I cannot get used to the idea of no more 100 lb boxer in my lap, hogging my side of the bed, laying on me and giving me boxer kisses (I call it a boxer facial!),shotgun seat rider, laying in the sun on his lounge chair and all around lover and companion. So many people have told me they miss him too. Especially his friendly butt wiggle. He loved everyone (in his eyes there are no mean people or animals). He would walk over to people & wait to see if they would look at him & if they did look out. He would walk over & the nub would start wiggling, then the whole back end and he was in heaven because someone was rubbing on him. He was a poop!

We love him so much. We lost Ching, our Chow, last June & he was so lost without her that we adopted a boxer in August & now she is lost. She is feeling like we are. She keeps waiting for him to come through the door. Everytime we come home she is looking at us like where is my brother? Why don't you have him? This of course makes it hard for me too. I know he is in a better place but I can't help but feel I have a missing piece in my heart.

Daddy & I Love you baby boy!