cat memorial B. J. (DABEEGE)



A sleek, beautiful body, exquisite eyes, Soft purring at the door. Playful swatting, frequent naps, toys strewn across the floor.

With gentle rubs and constant purring you made your presence known And, knowing you were always there, I never felt alone.

How you loved curling up on my lap, where you felt so cozy and free from harm. You brought me such comfort, and I felt your love, as you lovingly rested your paw upon my arm.

The soft sweet purring now has ceased, no gentle rubs to greet me. Just memories of a special friend and the best of times are all I see.

Although I miss you dearly, I’ll try not to feel so blue, Because I know that there’s a heaven for a special cat like you.

You are always in my heart, my pretty girl. Love, Mommy