Kleo Katerina

Kleo kat came in to our home on a snowy Christmas eve day and crossed the rainbow bridge on another snowy day late this afternoon.

Kleo passed peacefully with her Daddy and Mommy at her side after a 2 year illness. Kleo was known in the cat circle as well traveled. Kleo visited Disneyworld, The Martin Luther King Jr grave and played on the deck of his boyhood home. She also was a special guest in the bedroom where the King of Rock and Roll (Elvis Presley) was born. Kleo visited the outside of The White House, the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington Cemetery.

She made 5 cross country flights and rode first class a couple times. Kleo visited 21 states by car.

Kleo was a gentle spirited kitty, she even spared the lives of a few mice. She was also very opinionated and had fine taste in her food.

We love you Kleo and you will always be in your family's heart, you added so much personality to this home and gave so much love. The void will never be filled.


07/1998 - 02/2014