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dog memorialI got Tippie when she was 4 weeks old, had to bottle feed her for awhile but I knew then she was my Angel. We did a lot together. Tippie moved from Texas to Missouri with me.. I remember our first snow together. She didn't care for it but she was a trooper. She love to go riding in the car.. She had her own way about talking to me. We really understood each other. She love to lay under the covers with me. And she knew when you got her sweater that it was time to go for a ride. She would set on my lap and look out the car window but didn't want anyone to come near the car. I was Mommy and she wasn't going to let any thing or anyone hurt me. I felt the same way about her... Tippie was the light of my life. She brought so much joy to me, my family & friends. She lived a very happy life. She was 12 years old. We are going to miss her deeply. She will always be in my heart. She's now one of Gods Angels.

Mommy loves and misses you each and every day, that goes for Uncle Steve & Aunt Sissy, they love and miss you too. We all love and miss you Tippie...

Love you for every and always,
Mommy, Uncle Steve, Aunt Sissy & Family...

Tippie Kay Smith
Born April 16 1997
Passed Away February 25, 2009

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