pet memorialsBeija my beautiful friend, I miss you. I thank you for all the unconditional love you gave me and for your patience moving from home to home. I know it didn’t really matter to you where you were just as long as we were together. Recently we adopted a dog named Bailey and she is just precious and I always tell her about you and she actually goes and kisses your favorite stuffed animal which holds your collar and tags around its neck and sits right next to the front door of our home. I have been told that your spirit is in that stuffed animal by a good friend of mine and I like to think that is true. I sometimes hold that animal and just cry because I miss you so much. I hope that you are in deed watching over me and proud that I held up my promise to you when I whispered in your ear when you were fading away that I was going to rescue an animal next time. I love you and miss you my friend. As always I’ll see you in my dreams.
Big sloppy wet kisses. ~Love, Halbert
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