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We found Bosley in a pet store in April, 1998 (I’ve since changed my mind about purchasing from these “outlets”!) after my very first dog, also a blonde Lhasa Apso named Bailey, was found hung in his cage at only 6 months of age. This was due to human error, and I now warn pet owners to never allow your baby inside of one wearing a collar. Of course, my heart was completely shattered, and when I saw that little face in that cage with several other adorable puppies, I knew he was exactly what I needed to heal. Although he looked amazingly similar to Bailey, he was much more “feisty”, which took a little adjustment, but he made up for it with his faithfulness and obvious love for our family (especially me, his MOM!)

He followed me everywhere I went, whether inside our home, or outside in the yard because he believed it was truly his JOB to “guard” me! At around two years of age, he began to develop many health problems, most of which were allergy-related. 

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