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A Quick Note About our neighbors, Cowboy Terry, Karen and Billy:


I chose the Peternity site because it had the loving thoughts and feelings that I was looking for to put on a marker for my dear neighbor friends whom we lovingly call "Cowboy" and Karen. They lost one of their best friends on March 27, 2008. Now let me tell you, Cowboy is tough as nails with a heart of gold and I've never seen his expression or attitude change very much, but - have you ever see a real cowboy cry? I haven't until March 27.

It was devastating but the results were in, Billy had cancer........months of treatments went by but then came the final word from the doc, "You gotta put him down. The treatments aren't working any longer".

Cowboy choked back the tears, he couldn't speak and in the end he fell to his knees as his friend of 24 yrs. went for the final ride without him. Many friends stood around to say their final good-bye's (as ole Billy had many friends). Cowboy requested the burial sight to be dug close to his home and he wanted it to slowly descended into the ground so that he could walk his buddy to his final resting ground. Cowboy climbed on his tractor to place the first bucket of dirt onto Billy's blanket that he had softly covered the body with.

My husband stopped his tractor before placing the second load on his grave as Cowboy had jumped off of his tractor and went down into the grave for one final good-bye. He cried tears that came deep from within his soul and he took his cowboy hat from his head that he had worn for so long and he laid it on the chest of his friend Billy. He wanted everyone to know that a big piece of his heart was going home with Billy. Nothing more needed to be said and there was no sound around except for the soft weeping of all who dearly loved that tough ole' cowboy and his best friend Billy. It was devastating to friends and all who were surrounding him. A great friend was gone but NEVER forgotten.

"Cowboy" will listen for your hoof beats in Heaven!. Billy was loved by all!!!!!

After I sent this write up I received the gift you sent for Cowboy. I invited him and his wife to dinner to present it to them and Terry teared up. He couldn't believe there was still genuine love in the world for people and for animals. Thank you for your token of love to "Cowboy". I know he will treasure it FOREVER! Pamela Mullins