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Brandy.jpgBrandy came into our lives and hearts in 1990, when we adopted her from the humane society. We remember our first meeting vividly. She was curled up in the corner of the wire kennel paying no attention to the people going past her. A banner “KSTP Radio Dog of the Week” hung above her cage. With some prompting, she got up and came to the cage door. Once outside, she relaxed and we bonded instantly! Brandy did not want to get into the car that first day, but she quickly came to love car rides. Every weekend she would ride along when we ran errands or shopped. Our neighbor called her our “co-pilot” who alertly sat in the front seat. The frequent car rides also expanded the words she knew and responded to. When we said “Rainbow Foods” or “Target” or “video store,” she would get excited and run to the door. She loved to learn new tricks as well. With a few hours of instruction, she was rolling over, walking in circles on her hind legs, and resting her head on the back of the couch. (Yes she was allowed on the furniture and had her favorite spot on the end of the couch!). Brandy would happily perform her tricks for our grandkids both at home and on the many camping trips we took! At age 14, Brandy was diagnosed with liver disease from an unknown cause. But like everything else, she saw this as a challenge. Her strength and “love of live” helped her control the disease and we had three more wonderful years together. Brandy was part of our family for 16 years and we miss her every day. She will forever be in our hearts.
John & Cheryl Keating


I have never been a great lover of animals, but when Brandy came into John and Cheryl's lives, you could not resist  opening up your heart to this great dog. She loved to come to the lake and sniff for rabbits and go on the boat and just enjoy the outdoors. She would get so excited when they turned the corner and she knew then where she was. She was so smart, it was almost like she was a human, being able to understand what we were saying. Sometimes we would have to spell the words and not say them as she seemed to understand everything.We used to "dog sit" when Cheryl and John were gone and my husband, Howie, really liked to take her for her walk every day. When she got sick she didn't whine or cry, she was just so calm, but it was hard to see her unable to stand, or run or be her old self. There will never be another dog like her. I don't think I could ever get attached to another dog, because she was the very, very best.  
Ruth & Howie Weimer