Dog MemorialWhen Charlie was two years old, his original owner left him with roommates in Hawaii while he completed an educational program in Florida. Sometime later, the owner’s sister found Charlie under the house with no food or water, tangled up in his leash. She made several phone calls to find someone who could look after Charlie until her brother returned. When my boyfriend Tom learned of this, he immediately offered to watch Charlie. Charlie was put on a plane to Southern California where he and Tom instantly bonded –they were inseparable. When the owner returned he decided he didn’t want Charlie, so Tom kept him and loved every minute of it. Charlie was a lively and loving dog – always in good spirits and friendly to everyone. Charlie ruptured two discs while playing with another dog, and had back surgery. Tom nursed him back to health and never left his side. Charlie healed, but his back would always be vulnerable. At the age of six, while playing with a big dog, Charlie reinjured his back. He was paralyzed and his vital organs were not functioning. We had to put him down shortly thereafter. We will forever remember his beautiful smile and the joy and laughter he brought us every single day.   We love you Charlie. Sandra & Tom

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