cat memorialOn Thursday October 2nd, my beloved black Persian cat Ellie-May lost her battle against kidney disease. She had been with us through so many life experiences; moving home many times, flying half-way around the world to a new home/country, the loss of a feline companion, going missing during Hurricane Katrina ... plus the usual 'birth, death and marriage' aspects of human life. Ellie-May was always "my cat" and as soon as our 2 young children were in bed at night, she would appear and sit next to me on the couch, squashed right up against my side (like an armless cuddle!) My husband said that she would often sit like this with him too.

She is now buried on the hill at the back of our house under her favourite tree (where I would watch her from the kitchen window, enjoying the sun and wildlife) with a beautiful white rose atop the freshly disturbed earth. I miss her. I will always miss her. She was "my baby" long before I had my children. Her feline companion, Rosie - who never really seemed to interact with Ellie at all, even though they were both tiny kittens when we got them - pined for her and seems to understand that my heart hurts from the loss. She has been sitting with me at night, in the same way Ellie used to.  ~ Melanie Rudd

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