pet memorialAbout 6 years ago I had what I considered to be a full family and was not looking to expand on it.  If someone had asked me if I had enough, I would have replied, “heck, yes”.  Well, one of the things that I discovered long ago about cats is that you have nothing to say about it.  When it is time for you to have another one, it will show up on your doorstep no matter what you think your needs may be. One evening I got a “desperation call” from a friend of a friend.  She was returning to Hawaii the next day and had not found a temporary home for her 16 year-old calico, Gibby. 

The stay was only to be for one month (I can hear you laughing now) as she made arrangements from across the Pacific for Gibby to face the Hawaiian quarantine issues.  Of course, as you have already guessed, a few days later I got the call asking that Gibby be allowed to live out the rest of her life with me.  What could I say?  Although I was sad that she was changing hands once again and would have to adjust to a new life, I had completely fallen for her on our first meeting.  She fearlessly entered our home and faced the four previously well-ensconced cats with both her head and tail held high, claiming it as her home too.  I think she already knew about the upcoming request.

Unfortunately, my precious Gibby was already an old girl when I was blessed by her entry into my life.  Her “visit” lasted only three years.   One evening I returned from a trip to find her at the top of the stairs beyond any human help.  As I held her in my arms, telling her how much she had been loved, she passed away. 

Oh, and how she was loved!  She walked right into the heart of anyone who met her and was adored!  My sweet Little Gibby Girl, thank you for bringing so much warmth and laughter into my life… you are truly missed. DeHaven