pigpenlg.jpg Pigpen was a miracle pup that everyone at the emergency clinic where he lived wanted to take home. At only 8 weeks old, he was picked up by the dog warden, hungry and dying of parvo. He was nursed back to health by the wonderful people of Schenectady Emergency Clinic. We were lucky enough to adopt Pigpen because our friend, who was an employee of the clinic, knew how much we were hoping for a new friend, and how much we loved pit bulls. Pigpen immediately became the center of our home, always the reason to smile everyday. He gave us something to look forward to and was always the greatest company even if we were just napping together. Mr. Pig was struck by a car when he ran out of our yard to visit his friends at the restaurant next door. His mom was not fast enough when she ran after him. He gave us the 5 happiest months of our lives, and we hope he knows how much he was loved, and the difference he made.  ~Lauren Tamraz Judson & Eric Judson

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