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Pet Memorials

Patches came to our home in October, 1994 as a four month old kitten. He was being cared for at a shelter/animal hospital and was only four days away being being put down as this was not a no kill shelter. My friend Barbara was desperately looking to find him a home and asked us to consider another cat. We were not really looking for another cat, as we already had one cat, Luckie, that had shown up at our house as a stray three years earlier and thought she was queen bee. But we took the plunge and went for it. Patches must have known how close he came to leaving the world in 1994 as he was the most lovable and friendly cat to everyone. He would play fetch with you as a kitten, and come running to you when you called his  name. Must have thought he was part dog because he did not act like a cat, did not ignore you, etc and definitely expected to sleep up in the bed with us. Several years ago, he became really sick, losing weight - from 17 pounds down to 12 - and we almost lost him, but he pulled through. He was diagnosed with diabetes and had to begin daily insulin shots and eat prescription food. He tolerated the daily injections with no fuss and we continued this routine until two weeks ago. He had been losing a little weight - attributed to being a senior and beginning to lose his appetite a little. On New Years Eve he was snoozing on the bed and became comatose and started with seizures and was almost in a diabetic coma before we got him to the emergency hospital. However, he pulled through one more time and became well enough to come home from the hospital and enjoy his last days at home sunning on the screened in back porch, watching the birds, ducks on the lake and squirrels in the natural area. This picture was actually taken three days before he went to the vet for his final visit. He is now resting forever in the natural area. We will miss him terribly. We will be looking to adopt another shelter cat as our other cat, Bo, does need a playmate! Thank you. ~Pat and Ron Mitchell