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Poppy and Phoebe came to me a year ago December 2006. They were born in a litter of kittens rescued from under a portable school building in August. One of the teachers knew a woman who would take care of them, and find them good homes. She added the 5 kittens and their momma cat to her house of cats and dogs and birds. When her Christmas trip to Colorado was coming up, a friend of mine heard Id like to adopt two kittens so that they would be company for my dog, Kamelot. Kamelot made it clear that another dog wasn't right for her at the time. I figured the kittens could love each other, and me; and Kamelot could love me, and get to know the kittens if she wanted to do so.

Phoebe was the outgoing of the kittens. She loved me, she loved Kamelot, and loved Poppy, and she loved the outdoors. Phoebe was a brave soul. The rescue mom would be surprised. Phoebe seemed the most meek when we met. Since Phoebe loved us all, Poppy stayed in the background and just bonded with her Phoebe cat. I didn't try to encourage more than she wanted to share, since it would make Kamelot jealous anyway. That was our family dynamics. Until the day that Phoebe didn't come home. We believe Phoebe strayed too far, and met up with a coyote or two that she couldn't take. We had no news. No mementos. Just our memories of the kitten who had love for all of her people, her dog, and her kitten.

With the tragic loss of Phoebe, our family continued to bond and build better relationships out of necessity. Poppy needed love from the family now - me and Kamelot. Poppy took to Kamelot very well. I think they got along great - when I wasn't here. Kamelot has some ownership issues - she is quite possessive of me. We've all come to snuggle well together, with only a morning snipping, and I think that's just for good measure and not really any jealousy lingering.

After leaving Poppy kitty and Kamelot dog alone at the house together for two weeks this holiday season, I returned to find another great difference in their relationship. Poppy kitty now rubbed herself all over Kamelot's face. When I got home - dog and cat welcomed me with great affection. Poppy spent more time than ever snuggling with me in the evening. She would also lay on her pillow on the floor in the open living area (and not have to retreat to the high kitty condo - out of Kamelot's reach).

I came home from work today. I didn't see Poppy, but she was greeting me on my way into the garage. I didn't see her. I was looking at the neighbor's driveway and wondering why they had a treadmill in their driveway. When I got out of the car, I could hear Poppy rustling at the edge of the garage. She was hurt. I am so sorry Poppy kitty. She was hit in the head and running in circles around the head she couldn't lift up. I raced for a blanket and scooped her up in the flag of the United States of America. Poppy was alive and scared, but she was calm now in momma's arms. I couldn't find my keys! I had a dying kitty in my arms. Poppy had a couple of moving spasms for moments on the fast drive to the vet's office. Poppy was warm and her little body covered in soft fur seemed as gently snuggly as always. She never said a word from the time she was hit, and was calm and warm during the short trip. I hope my murmurs of sweet baby kitty nothings helped to put her at peace in her final moments. She was held by her momma and she went to sleep due to the head trauma. Please poor kitty baby - hurt no more. The vet confirms that the sweet shy fluff of Poppy kitten has passed away. She had too much head trauma to stay with Kamelot and me. Kamelot is looking for her kitten. We will mourn this week, and remember our two kitty friends always. Phoebe and Poppy in our hearts forever, to meet again in the place of pets awaiting to connect again with their beloved people.

I miss you sweet Phoebe. I miss you sweet Poppy. Please be the angels for Kamelot and me. ~Pamela Matheny