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pet memorial
 Princess  Jody

My two dogs out lived both my parents. My parents and I got Princess and Jody as puppies. Princess at 5 and half weeks, German Shepard female. And Jody at 7 weeks, Rotti mix male. My Mom was sick and forced to retire at 59 years of age. She was home all of the time, so she pretty much raised and trained them. Mom passed away in June 1996. Jody was kinda of Mama's boy and Princess was mine. Bought her from a couple who had both parents. Jody came from our local pound. Got Princess first and Mom saw a show where they suggested you needed two dogs or cats, so they keep each other company. So after we got Princess, Mom insisted she needed a playmate, and suggested Dad and I check out the local pound. Jody join our family because he looked so much like a Shepard mix male we had. Mom took on the roll of potty training etc. By the time they were three months old, she had them house broken. Dad got sick and homebound in April 2001, and died in May 2003.

In 2006, I lost our home to foreclosure and Princess and Jody went to stay in a lady's yard that I met through Ladies of Charities. That summer, Jody suffered heat exhaustion and died in August 2006. October 2006, I did get a duplex, but lost it due to high utilities bills, and Princess and three others went to stay at a rescue where I had met while doing part time work for a pet food company. For over two and a half years, we had no home. I let both of my old babies down. In November 2007, I had to have Princess put to sleep because of a stroke. Jody lived to be 12 and a half years old and Princess put down just shy of her 14th birthday February 2008. They were my babies and I know I let them down in their last years, but I never had such loyal dogs. I still have three, Tipper, Oreo and Lady. And being single and no family, your pets becomes your family.

I love and miss you, Princess and Jody, but I know you both are with Mom and Dad in Heaven.

Barbara F. Duke