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CecilKnown as a lifetime collector, after his death Warhol's estate was one of the largest ever sponsoredand sold by Sotheby's. Among his collection were animal taxidermies including a lion, peacock, penguin, a moose head, and his beloved stuffed Great Dane, Cecil. It was rumored that the dog was named for a possible former owner, Cecil B. Demille. This dog stood guard at the front door of his studio known as The Factory both before and after its death. Cecil also appeared in Warhol's pop art portraits.

The idea of taxidermy is probably a bit out there for most pet lovers, but there are many other more practical ways to remember our animal friends including a growing popularity of pet memorials. The loss we feel when we a pet can be quite painful, and every ritual we partake in to honor our lost loved ones helps us through the grieving process.

Once a pet has been cremated, many people today are having pet memorial services and then choosing unique pet urns, pet memorial headstones or pet keepsake boxes to preserve the cremains.

Warhol also was quoted as saying, "Pets make a family that's always loyal, will do just about anything to make you happy, never criticize, love you till the end of the earth, and never expect much in return."

Warhol was a native of Pittsburgh, and he is remembered with a namesake museum The Warhol in his hometown that features images of the pets and other animals that were part of Andy Warhol's life. The current exhibit runs through May 4, 2008.

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