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California Coast Pet Ashes ScatteringAerial Release
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Unlike boat sea scattering services where the cremated remains are placed on the water, we offer a true scattering. The cremated remains are released into the air, allowing the currents of the winds to take them where they may.

A time and location can be chosen so that you and your loved ones can all witness the scattering from a pier or the shoreline. The airplane is clearly visible and the scattering can be seen easily. (See the photo to the left.) Each scattering will include a certificate commemorating the scattering with the latitude, longitude, altitude and time the scattering took place.

Choose from two gorgeous sea scattering locations:

Southern California Coast: Flight is between Huntington Beach and Palos Verdes
San Diego or Ventura Counties: Flight is along the coastline in the county of your choice.

Choose how you would like to witness your scattering from these three options:
Unwitnessed - Come to the airport and watch the plane depart. You are welcome to bring flower petals to scatter with your pet's cremains.
Witnessed - The flight will be scheduled for a special day and time to allow for an unlimited number of family and friends to share in witnessing the scattering from the ground.
Private - Your pet's cremains will be the only ashes scattered on your flight and you have the option of being the one to release the ashes into the air. Additionally, up to four family members may ride along in the aircraft during the scattering.

  Unwitnessed Witnessed Private
Southern CA Coast $350 $750 $1,350
SD or Ventura County Coast $600 $1,000 $2,200

A Journey with Wings will perform scattering services anywhere along the Southern California Coast. For a specific location, please call 877-738-7322.

Once you place your order, we will contact you by phone to arrange all the details of your flight. So please make sure you give us the best phone number to reach you at when you enter your personal information during check out. For further details about Aerial Pet Ash Scattering, visit our FAQ's.

Price: $350.00