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Let your precious friend bask in the rays of unending sunshine. This joyful urn features warm and inviting colors. Created by hand by artist Alyson Whitney, your urn is made with several coats of paint and glaze to achieve the vibrant hues.

The sample urns shown are a starting point and your piece includes your pet's name and dates on earth. Each urn can be further customized. Instead of the cat or dog on the samples, we can match your pet's coat color, paint your pet from a photograph (breed and features), or add a favorite object or saying. See pricing for customizations below. You will be able to upload one photo on the next page to be used for reference on the customizations you choose and you can email us more photos upon confirming your order details. Or, if you do not have a digital photo, upon confirming your order with you, we will give you the address to mail your photograph to. Skip through this step if you're not customizing your pet's urn.

in two sizes:

Medium up to 45 lbs live weight $399.00
Large up to 90 lbs live weight $449.00

Begin building your urn below. Special sealing glue is included.

Complete urn customizations are also available as well as proofs to see your toy or color change. Please email inquiries@peternity.com for details and pricing or call 877-738-7322.

Note: When submitting your photo if you are customizing your urn, there is a 2MB limit for file uploads so IF YOUR PHOTO WILL NOT UPLOAD, just email the photo to submissions@peternity.com and we will be able to match it with your order via your email address. Or, we'll contact you after you place your order to get it from you. If you're having any problems uploading and need to talk to someone, you can reach us at 877-738-7322.

For tips on using pet urns and storing ashes, please see our Urns FAQs.

If you need to upload a photo of the toy, do this after clicking "Add to cart" below. If you have multiple pictures you need to send, we'll email you to get them after you place your order.

You can upload a photo of your pet after clicking "Add to cart" below.

Price: $399.00