Visible Style Worry Stone
Worry Stone with Pouch
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If you love the look of dichroic glass Memory Pendants, but don't want to wear your piece as jewelry, then choose a radiant worry stone. This beautiful glass stone practically glows in the light and is a unique way to honor your beloved pet since each piece of glasswork is hand made by the artist and incorporates a small amount of your pet's cremains.

Your pendant is made of 3 layers of glass. The bottom layer is black glass with an iridized back, the middle layer is multiple pieces of different colored dichroic glass, and the top layer is a cap of clear glass. The crematory ashes are fused between the bottom & dichroic glass layers.

Visible or Invisible Cremains
There are two styles available. The "visible" style will have a clear piece of dichroic glass over the ash and the "non-visible" style will have the ash hidden behind a piece of opaque dichroic glass. The sample on the left is the Visible style.  To see a sample of the Non-Visible style pendant, click here.  

Once you place your order...
The artist will send you a small package with easy to follow shipping procedures included. Read More
To Get Started
1. Choose 2 or 3 colors from the options below to create your unique pendant. These colors will create a range of color and reflection as light hits the dichroic glass at different angles.
2. Choose either the Visible or Non-Visible style.
3. Your pendant is 1 1/8" x 1 3/4" in size and comes with a black velvet draw string carrying pouch.


We are here to help you through this purchase. Please contact us at any time for custom support. We will make sure all the details of your order of this very special piece go smoothly. Visit our FAQ page to find out more about dichroic glass, warranty information and care. And read about the artist who will be hand-crafting your pendant.


If you choose Autumn Colors, this is a combination of orange, dark blue, red and gold.

Price: $142.95