Cremains Glass Pet Memorial
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Hang this heartwarming pet memorial as a year round window ornament or as holiday decor. This hand crafted glass piece contains a small portion of your pet's cremains so each piece is a unique tribute to your dear pet. When the molten glass for your piece is being created and shaped, your pet's cremains are infused into the glass. And since this special memorial is portable, it can be easily packed and moved with you wherever the years might take you.

Recycled Glass Pet Memorial
The piece is 5.5" tall. Select one of our jewel tone colors for the ornament below.

After placing your order with us, you will receive a kit to send us a small portion of your pet's cremains. Handling ashes is a huge responsibility that we take very seriously. This kit will contain a sterile jar labeled with a unique identifier that matches our invoice number. A small scoop is provided so you can fill the jar with the cremains. Just enclose your jar in the prepaid shipping envelope and return it to us. Once we receive your kit we will begin your order. Only one piece of glass is created at a time and the facility is cleaned thoroughly between orders. All of our work is custom made to your order; therefore please allow us sufficient working time to create your glass memorial, especially during the holiday season. After 8-10 weeks your order will be shipped and any unused cremains will be returned to you.

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Boundless Heart Pet Cremains Memorial   Glass Pet Memorial Ornament  Glass Cremains Pet Memorial
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