Glazed Ceramic Pet Urn
SKU: urn_bc_j518

Hand-glazed by potter Bill Campbell, this pet urn beautifully showcases a gorgeous combination of colors and tones culminating in a lovely green fillial. A one-of-a kind gallery piece, the urn shown here is the exact piece you will receive upon ordering. Crafted with loving care, it is a piece of art and a fitting final resting place for  your beloved friend.   

4" wide x 5" tall
Holds up to 30 pounds of live weight.
This urn was created to be an appropriate size to hold the cremains of your cat, small dog, ferret, or other small to medium sized pet.

See our Pet Cremains Bags which you can use to hold your pet's ashes within the urn. Click here for Urns FAQ's.


All of our Bill Campbell pet urns are one-of-a-kind pieces, there is only one of each available for sale. We have a large inventory and only show a handful on the website, so please feel free to inquire if you would like to see more options.

If you see a piece that you like but it's not the right size for you, please email us to see if there is a similar urn available in a size closer to what you're looking for.

Please Note: International shipping is available. Simply contact us and give us your full shipping address to receive a quote.
Customers Love These Urns
I selected the "Rising" pet urn for my beloved cat Kalinka as we were sharing in her final days. She was with me for 19 years - my inspiration to prevail over many difficulties, my longest time friend. I wanted a beautiful tribute to her earthly form, and this urn rests beautifully in our house where I can see it every day. I know her spirit isn't tied to that urn, but it gives me a physical memento to focus my loving thoughts upon. It is certainly a fittingly unique, lovely resting place for the most treasured of all cats. 
~ H.L. Harkins