Biodegradable Pet Urns with different paper colors
Biodegradable Pet Urn - featuring yarnBiodegradable Pet Urn - featuring blue paper
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This custom urn takes 4-6 weeks to create and ship

Massachusetts based potter Lucy Fagella crafts these 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable urns to order by hand. Green burial is a meaningful way to return your pet's cremains to a special place he or she loved. These urns can be buried to decompose naturally, placed in a body of water to degrade within approximately 2 hours, or enjoyed within your home. If you do place the urn in your home, you can expect the colors and elements of this urn to remain vibrant for a minimum of 2 years, likely more depending on sunlight and other environmental factors.

How is this urn made?
Upon placing your order, Lucy will start creating your urn. The sample images here are just examples. Each urn is truly one of a kind and therefore quite individual. The foundation of each urn is white recycled porcelain and hand-painted soy based colored recycled paper. Some urns include yarns or threads that are also biodegradable.

The look of each urn will depend on the season, and availabilty of wildflowers, leaves, cultivated flowers, grasses, and pine needles. Natural elements are gathered by hand from the woods, fields and gardens of the artist and supplemented by a florist if needed due to the season. After placing your order for the size urn you need, we will contact you by email for any ideas on colors and/or patterns you would like included.

Available in three sizes*
Small - holds up to 40 lbs of live weight         $125
Medium - holds up to 115 lbs lbs of live weight    $225
Large - holds up to 200 lbs of live weight     $375
* Lbs are in live weight and every pound of live weight is equal to approximately 1 cubic inch of cremains.
Your urn may hold slightly more than is listed, but never less.

Poem Stanza TextCustomizing Your Pet's Urn - Florals and Text
Your urn is 100% customizable since it isn't made until your order is placed. If you are interested in only a specific flower color to be used, please contact us for a custom price quote. Some flowers will not hold their color so we cannot guaranty we can use the particular type of flower you might have in mind. Just contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options with you. You may also customize your pet's urn by adding any text to be printed on Lucy's recycled paper. Each line (up to 8 words per line) is $12. Add as many lines of text as you would like. Click on the image to the right for a larger view.   

PLEASE NOTE: Each piece is completely unique and will have variations of color, surface texture, and natural elements.

Lucy Fagella Return Policies:
Urns can be returned within five days for a full refund. Please pack well, the customer is responsible for return shipping and any damage that occurs in return shipping.

Please choose the number of lines you would like added.

Please type your text as you would like it to appear. Limit of 8 words per line.

Price: $125.00