Rocking Paw Print Biodegradable Pet Urn
SKU: urn_lf_bio_rk

This urn is 100% biodegradable.  It is made with loving care by your artist, Lucy Fagella.

When your beloved pet passes away, it can sometimes be a difficult choice to decide which way you want to lay him or her to rest. If you choose cremation, this hand crafted "green" urn is a meaningful vessel in which to place your pet's ashes. This urn can be used as a traditional urn to display within your home for many years. Then, when you are ready, you can place the urn in the earth to decompose naturally over time. Or, place the urn in a body of water to degrade within approximately 2 hours.

This urn features paw prints and is a "rocking" urn as a tribute to the joyful energy so many of our four legged friends display as they jump, play and dance their way into and through our lives.

How is this urn made?
The sample images here show the shape of the urn. Each urn though is truly one of a kind, therefore quite individual. All materials are from the earth so they can naturally return to the earth. The base of the urn is recycled porcelain clay and recycled paper. Then, each piece has materials such as wildflowers, grasses, pine needles, leaves and cultivated flowers added to it to enliven the design. Some urns will include yarn and thread which are also biodegradable. The look of each urn will depend on the season and availabilty of nature's materials. Lucy, the artist, gathers these diverse natural elements by hand from the woods, fields and her garden. The patterns and colors are cut from paper which she hand paints with soy based biodegradable paint.

3.75''W x 7"L x 7"H
This urn holds up to 70 cubic inches which is equal to a pet that was up to 70 pounds in weight.

: Each piece is completely unique and will have variations of color, surface texture, and natural elements. Each urn is hand formed and so the dimensions could vary by approximately 1/2". Your urn may hold slightly more than is listed, but not less.

Lucy Fagella Return Policies:
Urns can be returned within five days for a full refund. Please pack well, the customer is responsible for return shipping and any damage that occurs in return shipping.

Price: $210.00