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A true work of art, this serene pet urn is aptly named. It is a peaceful abode in which you can place your animal companion's cremains. After spending a lifetime by your side it is only natural and right to create something beautiful to remember a beautiful friendship.

Created by ceramic artist Lucy Fagella, this pet urn is fired in her two favorite glaze combinations: black and off white blush. The off white blush glaze can have hints of pinks (hence the name blush), or greens when it sits next to the black glaze. The black glaze can vary from a dark brown to a blue black, depending on the atmosphere of the kiln firing or even the way light hits it as it sits near a sunny window.

“There is such a quiet transcendent presence to Lucy’s work.”

This urn measures 11"x6.5"x6.5" and holds 140 cubic inches. This urn comfortably holds the cremains of a pet up to 135 pounds in weight (or the combined weight of several pets to equal up to 135 pounds). 

PLEASE NOTE: The nature hand made ceramics is that each piece is unique and will have slight variations of color, surface and size. 

For tips on using urns and storing ashes, please see our Urns FAQs.

Lucy Fagella Return Policies:
Urns can be returned within five days for a full refund. Please pack well, the customer is responsible for return shipping and any damage that occurs in return shipping.

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