Looking for a completely original and artisan crafted pet urn? As the online leader in pet memorials since 2003, Peternity offers wood pet urns, ceramic pet urns, eco-friendly pet urns and handpainted pet urns. We have dog urns and cat urns and urns for other beloved pets too. We're on an endless search for cutting edge artisans creating just the right pet urn for you. From whimsical, to traditional, to ethereal, the range of styles in these one-of-a-kind pet urns is as varied and special as the personality of your pet.

We hope that you'll find a special pet memorial urn that moves you and that is worthy of holding the remains of your dear friend.

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Biodegradable Pet Urns


Biodegradable Pet Urns with different paper colors

Biodegradable Rocking Pet Urn


Rocking Paw Print Biodegradable Pet Urn

EterniTrees Biodegradable Pet Urn


Biodegradable Pet Urn

Blue Galaxy Pet Urn


Blue Galaxy Pet Urn

Play in Leaves Ceramic Pet Urns


Play In Leaves Pet Urn

Peaceful Keepsake Pet Urn


Keepsake Pet Urns

Pounce On Grass Ceramic Pet Urns


Pounce On Grass Pet Urn

White Vine Ceramic Pet Urn


White on White Vine Pet Urn

Biodegradable Shell Pet Urn


Hand Painted Biodegradable Pet Urn

Celestial Raku Pet Urn


Dolphin Blue

Color Photo Pet Urn


Color Photo Pet Urn

Custom Hand Painted Dog Urn


Custom Painted Dog Urn